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Shipping containers

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Shipping containers

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First Check Containers

Welcome to First Check Containers the one stop shipping container shop! We sell, modify and rent new and used shipping containers nationwide for both export and storage purposes. All our export containers are CSC plated and our storage containers come with a full wind and water-tight guarantee.

We offer a huge range of shipping containers for sale in the South Africa and regularly have over 300 seaworthy and 200 storage grade containers of all sizes ready for dispatch from our depot. If we don’t have exactly what you want then we will source it for you.

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Some of our most popular products


3M or 10ft shipping containers

3M/10FT Standard Containers

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3M/10FT High Cube Containers

3M modified shipping containers

3M/10FT Modified containers

3M containers with roller doors

3M containers with roller door

6M GP shipping containers

6M/20FT Standard Containers

20FT high cube shipping containers

6M/20FT High Cube Containers

20FT modified shipping containers

6M/20FT Modified containers

12M containers with roller doors

6M containers with roller door

40ft shipping containers

12M/40FT Standard Containers

40ft standard shipping containers

12M/20FT High Cube Containers

12M modified shipping containers

12M/40FT Modified containers

12m shipping containers with roller doors

12M containers with roller doors

Shipping Containers for Storage


One of the most common uses for shipping containers is for on site storage. We can supply:

  • One-Trip containers. Also referred to as new containers, these have been used just once since manufacture to ship goods over to the UK from China. These offer a lifetime of secure storage use. Other non-standard specifications are also available with additional vents to reduce condensation, as well as other insulation and condensation treatments of various forms.
  • Used shipping containers. These second-hand shipping containers have typically been used for 10-15 years in the shipping industry. For storage use they are still very solid and can offer many good years of secure dry storage and can be customised to meet your requirements e.g. Cladding, Windows, Doors.
  • End of line shipping containers. These are sold on after approx. 10-15 years of use by shipping lines.
  • Non standard storage containers of various sizes and grades to match specific requirements.
  • Professional grade storage containers including standard dry units with lights & lock boxes if required plus refrigerated and freezer containers available to buy and hire.
All our shipping containers for sale can be modified or customised to order.

Shipping Containers for Export


If you need to export goods abroad then shipping containers are the logical choice. We provide:

  • New build dry containers available with a 5 year CSC plate – single orders or low volumes usually available for immediate delivery, larger orders (20+) will be professionally sourced and sent out.
  • A range of second-hand standard dry containers of all sizes that come guaranteed to be wind and water tight. As well as being CSC plated or ACEP approved for deep sea shipment for a minimum of 3 months from the date of purchase (often more, longer plate validity can also be arranged by request).
  • Access to fleets of shipping containers for hire and return to South Africa, as well as specialist one way container hire service from South Africa to many other destinations globally.
  • Stocks of specialist new and used open top, side opening, flat rack and refrigerated containers.
  • New and used seaworthy containers sourced directly from depots in many locations globally.
  • Quotes and payments accepted in many currencies.
  • Full VAT reclaim support for containers sourced that then leave South Africa, and a guarantee that we will refund the VAT within 5 working days after proof of export has been provided.
  • A wide selection of third party shipping container loading sites.

Customised Container Options


As well as supplying shipping containers we can also help with:

  • Access to professional refurbishment operations experienced in catering to individual projects.
  • Customised container bars, shops, office units, living accommodation, exhibition stands, Santa’s grottos, showers, undersea wind turbine foundation structures, custom art and design work.
  • Custom alterations such as side doors, windows, lighting and electrical points. In fact, almost anything is possible, so please get in touch and we will be happy to help you with all aspects of customising a container from design right through to construction to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Buying the right size Shipping Container

First Check Containers have an experienced and friendly team to assist with your queries for buying the right container for your needs, our team pride itself on being very experienced in this industry.

The sales agent will ask you what size of container do you require and If you are unsure, we will discuss what you are storing in the container, perhaps the dimensions of the items, the period of time you require storage and a few more things. We will then be able to recommend what size of container will be suitable for you.

Delivery of your Shipping Container

When buying your Shipping Container, it is important you have ensured the truck that will deliver your container will have sufficient space on the property. We have tilt trays, side-loaders, hi-ab trucks and flat beds available. A tilt tray requires a minimum of 3 meter in width for access, so make sure your gate or driveway has this width.

Upon entry, the container will usually sit on the truck at approximately 4 meter in height so check to see that there are no overhanging branches or cables that will stop delivery.

Need to replace a garage or shed?

Shipping Containers are a perfect solution for farm equipment, the shed tools, dirt bikes and cars. A Shipping Container is a non permanent structure on your property which for long term (or short term) storage is a perfect option in case you decide to move home.

What sizes are available?

First Check Containers sells 3M/10FT, 6M/20FT and 12M/40FT standard, High Cube, Office, Modified and Reefer  Shipping Containers from our depot to any location within South Africa. Shipping Containers are primarily all 2.44 meter in width. However, they can vary in the height from 2.59 meter high to 2.9 meter high.

Shipping Containers in the community

Shipping Containers are a popular choice in the domestic market for storage solutions. A Shipping Container can be delivered to your suburban property with ease using our efficient trucking options. Shipping Containers are used commonly for storage, however if you look a little closer in the local community you will also find Shipping Containers are now being created for cafes, bars and homes.

Have you thought of a shipping container for your local sports club?

Shipping Containers are durable and made from steel. A Shipping Container is completely weatherproof, which will protect all sporting equipment for your local club. A Shipping Container can also be supplied with a lockbox.

A Lockbox is a steel box welded on the shipping container doors to ensure that the container remains protected from theft. These not only show you that Shipping Containers are durable but they are secure too.

Why buy a Shipping Container?

Shipping Containers have double opening doors with 2 bars locking mechanism. The doors are tried and tested before they leave our depot. This ensures that opening and closing your storage container will be easy. The Containers are guaranteed to be vermin and water proof! Your belongings need to be locked up and kept safe and dry. A Shipping Container is the best solution for this.

Why buy a Shipping Container?

Shipping Containers are a cost effective option for storing your equipment, furniture, commercial belongings and industrial tools. They are relocatable and 100% recyclable.

To get pricing on your equipment order, fill out our RFQ (Request for Quotation). Or you can call us or WhatsApp us at +27 72-225-0731 and one of our sales representatives will be glad to answer any questions you may have and take your order should you wish to proceed.